About Us

Trogamid® T5000 Slabs and Rods

Advanced Polymer Technologies (APT) was founded in 2002 by Steve Kessler in Stockton, CA for the manufacture of engineering plastic stock shapes for machined parts. Recently relocated in 2013 to a new facility, covering 60,000 sq. ft, we continue to employ the newest process technology in order to consistently produce the highest quality of extruded stock shapes developed under the SEMILON trade name.



  •  Lower Minimums
  •  Quick Order Turn-Around
  •  Specialty Resins
  •  Custom Filler Packages:
    (Glass, Carbon, Ceramic, MOS2, and Others Per Request)
  •  Custom Profiles & Near Net Shapes
  •  In House Certifications & Testing
  •  Application Development
  •  Tight Quality Requirements
  •  Efficient Geometries to Increase Margin