“Good Friday to you. I wanted to take a second and slow down and say thank you. Thank you for your commitment to me and my company. Thank you for working with me and giving me awesome tools and service to in turn give my customers great service. I have always said “I can only be as good as my manufacture will let me” with that said you help make me great. Once again THANK YOU for all you do for me.”

Steve Southland,
Profession Plastics M

“Beyond normal supply of plastic shapes, APT satisfies a niche market by providing custom sizes in plate products. This aspect offers several advantages to its customer base.”

Jerry Johnson
E. Jordan Brookes

“APT is very flexible as to sheet sizes and was selected for their knowledge of customer specifications. They are able to quote different resins that come up. APT was able to supply products to near net shapes, helped us with new business, cost savings, lead times, and was of help in the engineering of materials.”

Bob Pauwels
Eptam Plastics